Physics in high school.

This part of the zetce-site is about my research project on physics education at high school and university level (2007-2014).
The (slightly outdated) information is principally, but certainly not exclusively, meant for Dutch physics teachers who teach in the pre-academic track of high school (vwo). The blog and the Dutch webpage Het weten waard provide practical implications from my study on physics education. These are also interesting for the many students who have participated in the study (fresman students starting in 2008). More in depth scientific information is found on the webpage Research.

My study focuses on physics lessons given in the pre-academic track of high school (vwo) throughout the Netherlands. In the past decades, these lessons and the decline of pupils taking these lessons have been a hot topic. The declining interest in physics results in a lack of engineers, physics teachers and scientists. There are many nationally and locally operating initiatives with the aim to interest more students in science so they will take physics in high school and after that will go on in a science related academic career. And the plans for a new national curriculum (Nieuwe Natuurkunde) have the same aim.

It is important to know, but not always clear, how physics teachers can make a difference. In this research the broad experience of the students in both the high school setting and the university setting provide the data from which I eventually want to evaluate the effectiveness of the current practice in physics teaching.

In the different sections of this site one can find information on the following topics:

Publications and information of interest to Dutch high school physics teachers and students in which I describe the most important implications of my study for physics education. Because of the specific focus on the Dutch teaching context this part of my site is not (yet) translated in English.
Het weten waard or the blog

Scientific information on my research with references to related other research. Because of the more general scientific and also international aim this part is written in English.

Information about myself